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In this episode, we kick it with Owen Williams, most recognized for his previous work as an editor at The Next Web and maker of the well-regarded technology newsletter re:Charged. From his broad experience as a journalist and software engineer, we’re going to discuss his latest product launch, ✍️Write Together.

We cover a broad range of topics including:

  • 🌐 the evolution of content creation 
  • 📝 why it’s important to write every day
  • 🤓 PHP frameworks
  • 🚨 his super nifty Slack hack
  • and much more 🦋 

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Notable Mentions

Vanmoof (2:45) – awesome futuristic smart bikes
Product Hunt (3:19) – a daily list of new products around the web
Ryan Hoover (11:47) – founder of Product Hunt
Medium (6:25) – a modern, social blogging platform
Github streaks (8:10) – a visual indicator of the frequency a developer commits code to a project
Lean Startup (12:30) – a product development methodology (and book) that focuses on rapid prototyping and constant product iteration with the goal to capture learnings cheap, fast, and often.
React (14:35) – a modern Javascript framework for developing web interfaces. See ReactNative for mobile
Laravel and their billing framework, Cashier (14:50)
Getstream (15:39) – out of the box social networking features, like news feeds and timelines.
Stripe (16:10) – credit card processor for internet products
Segment (16:11) – data analytics platform
Chart Mogul (16:17) – out of the box operations portal for SaaS businesses
Bear Metrics (16:27) – similar to Chart Mogul but a bit more robust and more expensive
Google’s Startup Program (16:43) – free cloud hosting!!
Sentry (17:15) – Error tracking, Owen integrates with Slack for alerts
Slack (17:16) – Owen routes all of his alerts into a Slack via their API, check out all slack integrations
MailChimp (23:00) – email distribution and marketing platform
Google Reader (23:16) – RIP

Extra Extra

  • How do you become a better writer? Well, you need to write. This is the premise of the Write Together product. Here’s a great article (and interesting story) about how consistent writing can provide meaningful benefits over time; it has over 20k claps on Medium. I specifically enjoyed the sections called “Be Prolific” and “Learn to Recognize Patterns.”
  • Network effects (23:16) – in the product development world, this is a term that refers to features that incrementally get better (or provide greater value) the more they’re used. If you’re working on a product, this is a must-know concept. Here’s the perfect resource to learn all about network effects (check out the slide deck at the bottom).

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