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In this episode, we speak with Justin Mitchell, founder of SoFriendly who recently launched his new award-winning 🏆product, YAC (yelling across cubicles). YAC won Product Hunt’s Maker Festival in 2018 as a weekend side project, he then received overwhelming amounts of demand for YAC and needed to act fast 🌪
Justin reveals tons of useful insights including:
  • 🗣his perspective on how real-time audio communications will help reduce meetings
  • 📊how they use product analytics to inform their roadmap
  • 💸with early traction, how he is thinking about funding growth
  • and much more 🦋

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Extra Extra (Remote teams addition)

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work – There are many benefits of remote work that are now being exposed and talked about in the tech community. However, some adverse mental health issues are also entering the conversation. Working by yourself for months or even years could definitely be a drag. Amir Salihefendic, founder of Doist (the company behind the popular productivity app Todoist) writes an excellent article about how his team is addressing these issues even though they’re a fully remote team.

Notable Mentions

Vrooms 6:10 – create VR mockups, a SoFriendly product
Syrup for Startups 6:20 – deals for your startup, a SoFriendly product
Slack 9:10 – the new industry standard for team chat and automated bots, checkout all slack integrations
TokBox and their OpenTok Library 15:05 – an API service that gives developers the ability to add video/audio/messaging to applications
WebRTC 15:10 – an open source project supported by Google, Mozilla, and others to give browsers and mobile applications Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via simple APIs
AWS Cognito 16:25 – out of the box user signup, sign-in, and access control for your apps
AWS Dynamo DB 16:25 – NoSQL database
AWS EC2 16:25 – Amazon’s most popular cloud hosting offering for web applications
Electron 17:05 – cross-platform desktop app javascript framework
React 17:10 – modern Javascript framework for developing web interfaces. See ReactNative for mobile
Chromium 17:25 – the open source OS for building Chrome apps
Mixpanel 20:30 – a powerful product and user analytics platform
Fullstory 21:25 – a digital intelligence platform that shows you how users are actually experiencing your site
Sentry 22:45 – an open source error tracking solution that helps developers monitor site errors
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