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Welcome 🙌 to episode 6️⃣ – you can play this episode above or find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher.
In this episode, we speak with Jonathan Parisot (calling in from Paris🗼) to talk about the all-powerful Actiondesk. Jonathan and his team have set out to give non-coders the ability to create turnkey automation and workflows between different data sources (CRM, Customer Support, Chat, etc.)
We take action on several topics including:
  • ⌨️ using Slack to service early customers before you have an interface
  • 🛫 initial customer development and the importance of onboarding
  • 💰 pricing pricing pricing
  • 🗂 how to prioritize features and integrations
  • and much more 🦋

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Extra Extra (Pricing Addition)

“Raise Prices” – Jonathan references Marc Andreessen’s perspective on product pricing. In the pod Jonathan mentions how properly pricing their product (high) has yielded several benefits including 1) validates the product is solving a valuable problem 2) affords them the ability to provide a higher touch on-boarding process.
Perceived Value – Legendary venture capital firm Sequoia Capital performed a deep dive on some of the psychological factors at play when purchasers are considering a product’s price. Tons of valuable insights in this article, there’s even a link to a nifty pricing worksheet at the end of the article.

Notable Mentions (1:10) – an enterprise CRM system that has been described as inventing Software as a Service (SaaS)
Hubspot (1:10) – end-to-end marketing, sales, and growth platform
Slack (1:28) – team messaging with awesome integrations and bots, checkout all the integrations
Stripe (3:30) – credit card processor for internet products
Zendesk (4:40) – customer support platform for internet and mobile businesses
Segment (18:10) – data analytics platform
Mixpanel (18:10) – a powerful product and user analytics platform
Crisp Chat (20:05) – in-app customer messaging and support
Mailchimp (22:40) – email distribution and marketing platform
Intercom (22:40) – in-app customer messaging and engagement platform
Airtable (22:50) – modern and flexible spreadsheet and database platform that gives teams the ability to organize their like never before
Superhuman (23:50) – “the fastest email experience ever made”
Product Hunt (24:05) – a daily list of new products around the web
It’s with terabytes of love ❤️ that I ask you… if you find this interesting at all and want to support this project, please pass this along to a few friends or text them a link to the podcast. Thank you and enjoy!

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