Welcome to episode NINE!  You can play this episode above or find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher. On this episode I spend some quality time with the ultimate goofball, Dennis Roady!

We talk about his journey to creating multiple content streams that reach MILLIONS of fans. To name a few checkout: 

In this episode we geek out on:
🎬content iteration
📆content scheduling
💸Shopify selling
⌛️funnel optimization
– and much much more 🦋

 Dennis even tells us the 🔑 to his creativity 🤫

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Extra Extra (YouTube edition)

  • How Mark Suster predicted the future (in 2015) – Mark Suster is one of my favorite Venture Capitalists to follow. He creates dense content by getting deep into the weeds when he explains business fundamentals (or opinions). This I appreciate, because it shows me that he actually knows what he’s talking about. In this piece, Mark explains why he believed YouTub is a winner… and not for the reasons you would think. 

Notable Mentions in this Episode

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